February 11th - 12th, 2017
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Welcome to Pearl Hacks!

What is Pearl Hacks you ask? Pearl Hacks is an all-female hackathon aimed towards creating an encouraging environment for women to pursue their interests in technology. Pearl Hacks is an annual event at UNC - Chapel Hill where female hackers of all skill levels come to explore technology with the help of numerous mentors. The event lasts around 24 hours and we will provide all the free food and swag your heart desires! Whether you've been writing Perl code since you could walk or you have yet to write your first "Hello World" program, we welcome everyone. Best of all is workshops! Workshops are held by experienced programmers throughout the day on all the topics your heart desires! What's stopping you? Get ready for a weekend with phenomenal women you will never forget at Pearl Hacks! We can't wait to meet you there.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I attend?

All female college students are welcomed to attend! Unfortuantely we cannot accept minors this year so you must be 18 to attend. Professionals are welcome to join as mentors, sponsors, or lecturers. Males are encouraged to attend as volunteers and mentors!

What is it?

A weekend of fun and learning. You'll become a better programmer, meet fantastic ladies, and make cool stuff. You'll also have the chance to learn a lot and get loads of free stuff!

Will there be food?

Don’t worry. We’ll provide five full meals throughout the hackathon and there will be plenty of snacks in between. You won’t be hungry.

But I don't know how to code..

Don't you worry about a thing. We will have workshops for individuals of all skill levels, and mentors whom are specifically at Pearl Hacks to help you when you get stuck. Plus, you'll have 500 other women rooting for you and encouraging you every step of the way.

Can I use old code?

You may use all the publicly available code and APIs that you want but the code you will be judged on at the end of the hackathon must be new.

Registration Details

We will send emails out confirming registration in the coming future! More information to come...

What about sleep?

Bring your own pillow and bedding. There will be a sleeping space available Friday and Saturday nights. If you'd prefer a hotel room, the Carolina Inn is only 200 feet away (although very expensive).


MLH is providing the full hardware lab. In addition we will have soldering and assorted components, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and more Pebbles than you can wear on four limbs...

What about my team?

You can create your team with whoever you like, up to four people, once you arrive. Or if you are really determined you can create a project all by yourself! We will have a team forming event at the beginning event for those still looking.

Travel costs?

We do provide travel reimbursment. See our travel policy for more information.

How do I get in?

Anyone can attend Pearl Hacks. Just thoughtfully fill out the application. The only limitation is the amount of food we can serve over the weekend, but if you register early.. come hungry.

Will I fit in?

Yes, you will! The entire UNC Computer Science Department is committed to making computer science a more diverse field. We are working to make this Pearl Hacks the most supportive environment for women in tech, so come willing and ready to meet inspirational and passionate women excited to hack with you.


Come Join the Fun at Pearl Hacks 2017

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