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About Us

Our Beginnings

Pearl Hacks was first held in 2014 as one of the only beginner-friendly hackathons targeted towards women at the time. It was organized in response to the boom in college hackathons, where students got to spend a weekend bringing their technological ideas to life with the help of their peers and industry professionals.

But while those hackathons were great at immersing students into tech, it was clear that the gender gap and the often intimidating environment at those events was stopping a lot of women of all skill levels from signing up. The first Pearl Hacks, organized by UNC alumni Maegan Clawges, brought in 250 female highschool and college students in the hopes of providing them with a great hackathon experience that sidestepped these issues.

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By growing and learning from the last four years of Pearl Hacks (which has nearly tripled in size), we now strive to be an open and inclusive environment for gender minorities to experience hackathons, and hopefully dive deeper into the world of technology after experiencing a weekend with us.

First-timers are welcomed to join no matter their level of experience. All that awaits you is a weekend of meeting amazing people, learning about technology, and free swag and prizes. We hope you join us at this wonderful event!

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Meet the Directors


Angel Santaloci

Director of Graphic Design


Bea Manaligod

Director of UNC Marketing


Claire Su

Director of Existing Sponsorship


Esther Jang

Director of External Marketing


Hannah Cao

VP of Logistics


Jackie Warren

Director of Volunteering


Jason Yu

VP of Vision


Jolie Lau

Director of Transportation


Julia Tian

VP of Sponsorship


Katherine Martin

Director of Prospective Sponshorship


Lindsay Zhou

Director of Logistics


Prasiddhi Jain

Director of Hacker Experience


Radhika Jagani

Director of Nutrition


Tasnia Sarwar

Director of Web Development


Tylar Watson

Director of External Workshops


Yongjia Li

Director of Sponsored Workshops


Yujie Tao

VP of Marketing